Cuma, Ağustos 17, 2018


What’s with the Foreign Ministry?

The state organizational structure being seriously changed, the law regulating the organization of the Foreign Ministry aiming at developing 'multi-faceted, multi-directional and objective' policies...

JDP is getting ready for the local elections with surprise names

While it is not known whether the elections will be held in November or in March, the predetermined date, JDP has already started preperations....

Layoffs at CNN Turk and Kanal D

Forced resignations, recalls, and layoffs continues without pause following the sale of CNN Turk, Kanal D, and the former Doğan Media group of Aydın...

Turkey in a week – June 15, 2018

The economy is still the main topic in Turkey. After the announcement of higher than expected inflation figures on 5th of June (bringing annual...

16 Year Adventure of the Exchange Rate!

Either in ‘apprenticeship’ or in ‘mastership’, in which period has the exchange rate gone up?

Turkey in a week, 13th August 2018

Turkey’s long expected currency crisis has begun last week after when the diplomatic and political crisis with USA over the evangelical pastor Brunson deepened...

The Historical Background of AKP’s Media: A Chronicle of Neoliberal Media...

The Historical Background of AKP’s Media A Chronicle of Neoliberal Media Architecture (1980-2002) Gülseren Adaklı and Aylin Aydoğan Novel hegemony project and the Turkish media The current...

June 24: Erdoğan and his rivals

There are only 24 days until the June 24 elections. Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held together. A motley crew of colorful figures...

The Gloves have been taken off for the Presidential Cabinet

The Presidential Government System has been put into effect after the presidential elections of June 24. It is now being discussed about the assignments...

Turkey in a week, 16th July 2018

After having been elected as a first president of the new presidential government system of Turkey, President Erdoğan has been forming the new administrative...


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