Çarşamba, Ekim 17, 2018


Turkey in a week, September 10th 2018

The possible military operation of Syria and Esad to Idlib, the rebel-held province of Syria, has brought many problems before Turkey. Ankara is unhappy...

Turkey in a week, October 1st 2018

President Erdoğan’s visit to Germany and Mckinsey&Company’s new appointment to oversee Turkey’s public accounts were the main headlines last week in Turkey. New Economic Plan...

Turkey in a week (14-27 August, 2018)

After the “Black Friday” of Turkish Lira on August 10th, which saw 30% of loss in the currency’s value in just one day, on...

Scenarios for the election results (2): Is the parliamentary majority enough...

We are now elaborating on the case that Erdoğan would win the presidential election and the opposition would have the parliamentary majority in the...

Prominent figures begin to dawn in CHP and AKP

As the local elections draw near, political parties accelerated their work on deciding their mayoral candidates. The CHP (Republican People’s Party) is holding field...

June 24: Erdoğan and his rivals

There are only 24 days until the June 24 elections. Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held together. A motley crew of colorful figures...

A first: Demirtaş launched the presedintial campaign via cinevision

A first in Turkey's history... HDP's (People' Democratic Party) presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş attended his own campaign launching via cinevision. Party members recited Demirtaş's...

Enis Berberoğlu swears in at the Parliament

The new legislative year commenced officially following the ceremony and speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey). Enis...

50 Percent of Syrians in Turkey Never Enrolled in a School

According to the director of the Center for Refuge and Migration Researches (CRMR), Metin Çorabatır, it is impossible for 3.5 millions of Syrians, who...

Crisis with the USA, the second act: Turkey seeking alternatives.

Washington, being unable to come to an agreement with Ankara regarding the release of Pastor Brunson, has started imposing economic sanctions following the initial...


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