Perşembe, Ekim 18, 2018


The Remedy for Idlib: Dialog

Not having been able to persuade Russia and Iran for ceasefire, Ankara is suffering from the impending military operation. Whether Ankara will overcome this...

Journalists not admitted to the hearing of the journalists’ trial

Journalists on trial: 'Journailsm is not a crime' The first hearing of the proceedings at the Ankara Criminal Court no.15, against eleven including journalists Sibel...

Bureaucracy under investigation

CEOship time for Governors and Ambassadors Governors of nearly 60 provinces and security directors of 50 provinces will be replaced with the decrees that...

Judgment without defendant and advocacy: SVIS

The SVIS that has been put into effect for “easing and expediting judgments” are causing the violations of the right to fair trial. Well...

Can Ankara initiate new relations with EU?

French President Macron, asserting that "Erdoğan's Turkey is not Kemal's Turkey," regards "strategic alliance" rather than "full membership" with the EU as suitable for...

The opposition makes call for convening the assembly against the crisis

The political parties have taken action for the economic crisis. Although the opposition has made call for convening the TGNA (Turkish Grand National Assembly),...

Crisis with the USA, the second act: Turkey seeking alternatives.

Washington, being unable to come to an agreement with Ankara regarding the release of Pastor Brunson, has started imposing economic sanctions following the initial...

JDP is getting ready for the local elections with surprise names

While it is not known whether the elections will be held in November or in March, the predetermined date, JDP has already started preperations....

Would the Crisis with the USA be got over?

Being against release of Pastor Brunson who is being trialed with the allegations of ‘illegal organization membership and espionage’ with the argument that the...

 “Liability of the state” has been neglected in the October 10...

 A Fact in Turkey: Unavailability of Justice in Courtrooms The court’s ruling was announced last week in the lawsuit of October 10, Turkey’s bloodiest massacre...


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