Çarşamba, Ekim 17, 2018


The Richest Increase Their Wealth, the Poorest Expand Their Debt

While the government claims that the Turkish economy is flourishing and the income distribution is considerably improving, a TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) survey showed...

Released Members of the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association arrested once again

At the first trial of the case in which 20 attorneys are being tried, it has been adjudicated that all the detained attorneys would...

Prominent figures begin to dawn in CHP and AKP

As the local elections draw near, political parties accelerated their work on deciding their mayoral candidates. The CHP (Republican People’s Party) is holding field...

Judicial Independence Still out of the Agenda

While calls for "justice" are being heard and new controversial verdicts are being reached every day, the planned projects of "judicial integration period" and...

Turkey in a week, September 17th

Turkey’s Central Bank made a surprisingly high rate hike on Thursday in efforts to prevent further depreciation of Turkish Lira, to secure price stabilisation...

Paper crisis looming: Newspapers face the threat of closing down

The economic crisis closing in during last months and related surge in the exchange rates has affected the publishing industry as it did all...

The Remedy for Idlib: Dialog

Not having been able to persuade Russia and Iran for ceasefire, Ankara is suffering from the impending military operation. Whether Ankara will overcome this...

Turkey in a week, September 10th 2018

The possible military operation of Syria and Esad to Idlib, the rebel-held province of Syria, has brought many problems before Turkey. Ankara is unhappy...

Journalists not admitted to the hearing of the journalists’ trial

Journalists on trial: 'Journailsm is not a crime' The first hearing of the proceedings at the Ankara Criminal Court no.15, against eleven including journalists Sibel...

Bureaucracy under investigation

CEOship time for Governors and Ambassadors Governors of nearly 60 provinces and security directors of 50 provinces will be replaced with the decrees that...


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