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Akşener handshaked with Democrat Party Leader Uysal

While İyi (Good) Party Leader Meral Akşener handshakes with Democrat Party Leader Gültekin Uysal, Saadet Party turns its direction for election alliance to CHP.


İyi (Good) Party Leader Meral Akşener handshakes with Democrat Party Leader Gültekin Uysal. As for Saadet Party in search for an election alliance, the political rumor has it that Saadet Party turned its direction to CHP. If Saadet Party forms an election alliance with CHP, the “zero threshold alliance” plan of opposition parties to overcome 10 percent threshold in parliamentary elections can be revived.

İyi (Good) Party Leader Meral Akşener held a meeting with Democrat Party Leader Gültekin Uysal. After the meeting that took place in The headquarter of İyi Party, the leaders signaled that they have reached an agreement.

Agreement for alliance

At the joint press conference after the meeting, Democrat Party Leader Uysal said “We have discussed the election process in front of us. We hope, in our attempt to be the guide of Turkey, I am confident that we will have the willpower to bring about the potential of Turkey”.

İyi (Good) Party Leader Meral Akşener also said “I have told Mr Uysal that we want to walk together. We hope that everything will turn out as the way we wish. With the perspective that can lead Turkey to breath and find peace, I hope, a road will be opened”.

A message to Saadet Party

İyi (Good) Party Leader Akşener also sent a message to Saadet Party in her talk by saying that “I have stated earlier that I wish to walk with Democrat Party and Saadet Party.”

Saadet Party lean towards CHP

It has been whispered in halls of the Parliament for a long time that İyi Party will form an alliance for the parliamentary elections with Demokrat Party and Saadet Party. However, after the negotiations led by Saadet Party for the presidential elections over 11th President Abdullah Gül as the “joint candidate” ended with İyi Party’s rejection, the relationship between İyi Party and Saadet Party has become cold.

Saadet Party now turned its face to CHP for the parliamentary elections. Saadet Party’s decision to form an alliance with CHP will revive “zero threshold alliance” project of opposition parties.

What does “zero threshold alliance” bring?

“Zero threshold alliance” will open a door for all opposition parties to go to elections under CHP roof and thus 10 percent threshold will be overcome in practice. It is also estimated that the “zero threshold alliance” can bring 86 more seats to the opposition parties. As political discussions have been focused on the presidential election, the opposition parties, which could not form an alliance around a joint candidate, are now trying to unite for parliamentary elections. It seems more likely that with the zero threshold alliance the opposition parties can secure the majority in the parliament. It is expected that this will also have positive impacts on the second tour of the presidential election and it will increase chances of the opposition parties regardless of the name run against President Erdoğan. It is also argued that a stronger opposition in the parliament which can be secured by the zero threshold alliance can limit President’s power.

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