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A novel by İdris Baluken from Prison; ‘Three Broken Branches’

İdris Baluken, the former Group Deputy Chair of HDP, who is still under arrest in Sincan Prison, has recently written a novel called “Three Broken Branches” (“Üç Kırık Dal” in Turkish). The book, published by Dipnot Publishing House, will meet readers on 9 June.

Hâlâ Gazeteciyiz reports from Turkey.

İdris Baluken, the former Group Deputy Chair of HDP, who is currently a detainee in Sincan Prison, had been HDP’s first place MP candidate for Batman in the elections on 24 June, but his candidacy was dropped after nine years and two months prison sentence for him was approved. Baluken wrote a novel titled “Three Broken Branches” in prison which will be on book shelves on 9 June.

İdris Baluken was elected and got into the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as an MP for the 24th term of the parliament. Baluken, a medical specialist, was arrested as an MP along with the HDP Co-Chairs on 4 November 2016, and was released on his first hearing on 30 January 2017. As bizarre as it sounds, Baluken was arrested and put in prison again the day after his release following the prosecutor’s objection to his release, since then he has been kept in Sincan Prison.


Idris Baluken, who had many times been involved in talks and negotiations with İmralı and Kandil as a member of the İmralı Delegation in the peace process, was the HDP’s Group Deputy Chair when he was arrested. Idris Baluken had been sentenced for ‘making propaganda for a terrorist organization’ and ‘opposing to the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations’.


Baluken’s “Three Broken Branches” tells the story of the lives of three young fellows and will meet with readers on 9 June.

İdris Baluken

The following evaluation was made about the novel by the editors of Dipnot Publishing House:

“This novel, which Idris Baluken wrote in prison, will very soon be reaching readers as a proof that freedom is not a limited concept of space; “Three Broken Branches” mirrors the recent history of Turkey in absolute truthfulness whilst at the same time portraying, by the power of literature, what three young university students went through in Ankara, İstanbul and Diyarbekir, their future hopes and expectations, and their struggles.”


HDP’s Presidential candidate and the former Co-Chair of the party, Selahattin Demirtaş commented on Baluken’s novel as well:

“The most important feature of this book is that it has been written. It manifests that a brave man who devotes himself to the dignity of social and individual troubles is not fit into a two-square-metre prison cell where he has been kept in. It shows that things overflowed through his cell meet with his people despite all obstacles… Turn the first page of the book, Idris will link arms with you and take you on a unique journey to walk the city walls of Diyarbekir and its streets in love and in conflicts.”


“The official history of winners and losers misses the strength of resistance and solidarity that has deeply flourishing roots. İdris Baluken’s novel tells us that through the stories of these three comrades, this resistance and solidarity have bloomed as a lifestyle,” Poet Ahmet Telli says.

HDP’s Presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş’s book “Dawn” (“Seher” in Turkish) written also in prison attracted great attention. HDP’s Spokesman Ayhan Bilgen wrote three books, two of which were published while he was still in prison as well.

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