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The opposition makes call for convening the assembly against the crisis

The political parties have taken action for the economic crisis. Although the opposition has made call for convening the TGNA (Turkish Grand National Assembly), the Speaker has not responded the call. The RPP (Republican People’s Party) and the Good Party have reacted the USA, which is considered responsible for the crisis.


The economic crisis is on the agenda of the opposition, too. The leaders of opposition who have toughly criticized the government due to the crisis have wanted the Turkish Grand National Assembly to convene urgently. The Speaker Binali Yıldırım has not responded these calls. Although the opposition parties hold the government responsible for the crisis, they reacted the USA which is admitted as the starter of the crisis.

The opposition’s prescription for the ongoing depreciation of Turkish Lira against Dollar and Euro is the Parliament. The opposition parties, one after another, assembling their central executive boards with the crisis agenda, have made the calls that “the Parliament has to convene immediately”.


The main opposition party RPP has assembled her central execution board with the agenda of economy. After the assembly that was briefed by the party’s economy staff, the RPP’s spokesman Faik Öztrak has made the call that the parliament had to convene immediately.

Öztrak stated: “The ones who are in the wheelhouse and force the nation pull the boat, they are colliding it to the rocks. The real currency barons are those who run the bridges and highways in dollar terms. Those who charge the goods sold by the public institutions in dollar terms are the real currency barons.”

Criticizing the chief prosecutors who have brought prosecutions against the social media accounts, Öztrak said: “The mattress savings, threats and forcible measures will do nothing other than deteriorating the problem. Forcible measures do not resolve any crisis. The confidence should be regained as soon as possible. The measures that have been taken are to ease the liquidity problem. Their impacts would be provisional.” As a solution Öztrak suggested: “Even in the worst time of the Independence War, Atatürk ruled the government from the Assembly. The Assembly has to convene urgently”.


Another call for convening the Assembly has come from the PDP. The PDP’s Spokesman Saruhan Oluç, who has made a statement after the assembly of the PDP’s CEB (Central Executional Board), has also criticized the government and her economic policies. Oluç said: “President Erdoğan is very often mentioning an ongoing ‘economic war’. He lastly said ‘there are economic terrorists’. It should be stated clearly, there is no economic war, the rhetoric of ‘the ongoing native and national struggle’ is nothing but hue and cry. There is also no economic terrorist. What happens is a crisis that has been brought about by the wrong decisions and preferences of the government and the one-man rule that was declared to bring stability on the economy, domestic and foreign policies. All decisions and preferences are due to President Erdoğan and his advisors of the Palace; the accountable are the board formed by the ministers who are bound up with him. Those are the only accountable.”

While making call to convene the Assembly, Oluç said the following: “In this period of no check and balance mechanisms and of no separation of powers, we think that, not to worsen the crisis more, the TGNA (Turkish Grand National Assembly) has to convene urgently. The Assembly should function as the check mechanism, and she should freely discuss the steps that have to be taken against the developments. Otherwise, the results of this uncontrollable course of events will be troublesome for all society.”


The leader of the Good Party Meral Akşener has convoked her team of economy and foreign relations for discussing on the volatility in the markets and the actions to be taken.

The Speaker Binali Yildirim has not responded the opposition’s call for convening the Assembly.


On the other hand the reactions of the opposition leaders to the USA, which is held responsible for the crisis, were attention grabbing.

The Spokesman of the RPP Öztrak has made the remark: “We will never allow, even the attempt, anybody to humiliate of the Republic of Turkey and insult the honor of our country. Together with our nation we will stand against this.”

As for the leader of the Good Party Meral Akşener, she has backed Erdoğan in the crisis with the USA. Akşener, who has said that “we can criticize the government but cannot let anybody beat our child”, has given the government unconditional support.

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