CEOship time for Governors and Ambassadors

Governors of nearly 60 provinces and security directors of 50 provinces will be replaced with the decrees that are expected to be issued next week. The top officials, who will be charged in the ministries and in the state institutions and organizations, if wished so, will be able to be transferred from the private sector and will be able to work like CEOs. In some ministries, the nepotic appointments and the directors general have been taken under investigation once more. These developments are interpreted as “the bureaucracy being under investigation once again” in Ankara coulisses.

Cengiz Aldemir

Previously, by the amendments in accordance with the “adjustment” operations in line with the reorganization process of the state, the cadres that would be assigned with the beginning of the president’s office and dismissed with the end of president’s office had been created; and there had emerged some abrogated institutions and positions with union. In the Presidential Government System, the cadres that would be assigned with the election of the president and dismissed with the end of the president’s office include 500 top officials.


The cadre specified as top officials consist of vice ministers, undersecretaries, directors general and vice directors general, governors and ambassadors. The cadre specified as the top officials consist of vice ministers, undersecretaries, directors general and vice directors general, governors and ambassadors. The system proposes the transfers from the private sector and their CEO-like ways of working.


According to the information received, in the office of president a sensitive work is being carried on for the governors’ and security directors’ decrees. In the next days, the governors of nearly 60 provinces will be replaced. After the decree of governors, the security directors of about 50 provinces will be, too, replaced.

According to the lobbies, Ankara General Director of Security Servet Yılmaz and İstanbul General Director of Security Mustafa Çalışkan are among the security directors that will be replaced. It is rumored that those two directors general will be appointed to other provinces and Minister Soylu will change the bureaucrats of the important posts of the ministry and will move some of the governors and directors general to the central office.


The Minister Health Fahrettin Koca’s unrest about the appointments of practicing physician wives of some of the Justice and Development Party’s deputies as hospital administrators and about the news on them in media have reflected to the lobbies. Reacted by the many fractions of the society, the appointments have also been reacted by the Turkish National Grand Assembly Committee on Health member and the Republican People’s Party’s Samsun Deputy Neslihan Hancoğlu. Stating that the appointments are unethical, Hancıoğlu appeals the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca via She reacts with the statements: “Ankara May 29 Hospital’s and some other hospitals’ administrators have been, unfairly, being appointed just because they are the spouses of the deputies. The politicians, especially in these cases, should have more sensitive attitudes. No matter the political affiliation of the deputies, the appointments of their first degree relatives in such a way are neither moral nor ethical. Minister Koca should take action as soon as possible for that kind of appointments and fix the abuses.”


It is rumored that Minister Koca is uncomfortable with the appointments, and that he has been meeting with his staffs, investigating the appointments that have caused reactions and preparing for replacements in the health bureaucracy. It is said that Minister Koca is intending to blast away that kind of abuses besides nepotic appointments and initiate the process to dismiss the health directors of some provinces where are claimed to have abuses in the medical purchases.

Besides the Ministry of Health, the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk has also started an investigation for the ministry bureaucracy. The initiation of investigations once again for the directors general of the all the other ministries is interpreted as “the bureaucracy is under investigation” by the lobbies.

Translation: Aydın Ördek