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The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) opened with President Erdoğan’s inaugural speech

The journalists have been banned from the Assembly restaurant for members

Second year of the GNAT’s 27th Legislative Session has begun. The Speaker Binali Yıldırım who denoted the GNAT as the center of democracy and parliamentary system said that the GNAT was the remedy for all troubles. As for President Erdoğan, he asked the nation for being more patient against the economic crisis and stated that some positive developments would take place in strategic partnership with the USA. Because of the ‘cuts’, the opening reception was put off, and the Assembly restaurant for members, where the deputies and journalists eat together has been banned to the journalists.

Cengiz Aldemir

Second year of the GNAT’s 27th Legislative Session was opened with the ceremony before the Atatürk Monument. An official ceremony was held at President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s arrival to the Assembly. First meeting of the General Assembly began with the Speaker Binali Yıldırım’s opening the session and his inaugural speech. Yıldırım emphasized the significance of democracy and the parliament. Stating that the Assembly is the remedy of all troubles, he said that: “The honorable Assembly is the founding assembly of the Republic of Turkey. Our Assembly have come to historic decisions in the hardest times of the country and carried them out.” Specifying that the country has troubles due to the global economic problems, Yıldırım argued that these problems would be got over in a very short time. Besides, Yıldırım asserted that the number of women deputies would be increasing in the future.


Thereafter, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to the stand with the Justice and Development Party’s and the Nationalist Movement Party’s deputies’ burst of applause. The Republican People’s Party’s and the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s deputies did not stand up and applauded, when the President entered into the Assembly Hall.

Denoting the new presidential system as a revolutionary change, Erdoğan talked about the changes the country has through from past to present. Arguing that the amendment offers both by the government and the opposition is important, he talked about foreign policy and economy in most his speech.

Erdoğan expressed that Turkey had become an arbiter country in the Syria case. He appraised the ups and downs in the foreign policy as ‘normal’, and stated that some positive developments would take place in strategic partnership with the USA in the forthcoming days. Telling that the economic problems would be got over, he asked the nation for being more patient about them.


On the other hand, the General Assembly witnessed a novelty. After the increase in number of deputies from 550 to 600, the reorganizations and works in, first of all, the General Assembly Hall, the main building of the GNAT and the new Public Affair Building have been completed. Number of rooms for deputies was increased by alterations in some media meeting rooms in the Public Affair Building and in some offices owned by the committee chairs. The General Assembly Hall was reorganized for 600 deputies. The 50 desks for committees and cabinet were removed at both sides of the Speaker’s Chair. The committee desks’ place has been changed and 10 desks have been allocated for the committee; the area where the desks for the cabinet has been held empty.


The “members’ restaurant”, where the deputies and the journalists working at the parliament eat together till the very foundation of the GNAT, is banned to the journalists. The administration has transformed the area beneath the ceremony hall of the Assembly and opened it up for use of the journalists. Reacting to this new decision by the words “New wine in old bottles. The Assembly has become a puzzle board.”, the journalists asked the Speaker Binali Yıldırım for setting this error aright as soon as possible. Not only the journalists but some of the deputies also reacted to the arrangements, saying that “The Assembly has become a puzzle board. The Speaker has to fix it.”


The amendment for the standing orders in which the JDP proposes very tight length of speech for deputies is expected to come in the General Assembly this week. After his meeting with the deputy chairmen of 5 political parties, the Speaker Binali Yıldırım said that it was compromised that the amendment consisting of a ‘technical adjustment’ would be brought to the General Assembly with joint signatures this week. But it is not certain whether all the parties will sign the amendment proposal, or not.


Another controversial agenda of the Assembly is the amnesty law proposal that was submitted by the NMP last week. The political parties will determine their attitudes, after they are going to examine the proposal in detail. However, it is well known that the RPP and the PDP are certainly against this version of the proposal.

The opening ceremony of second year of the GNAT’s 27th Legislative Session has reflected from the camera of Halagazeteciyiz.net:

Translation: Aydın Ördek

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