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Bergman was in Ankara

1918 born Swedish play/movie director Ingmar Bergman’s 100th birth anniversary is being celebrated all over the world with special events. One of the exhibitions for ones who try to understand how Bergman is a source of inspiration to whole word not just in the art of movies, but also in all branches of art has been opened in Ankara Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center.

Altan Burgucu

“Although he shot most of his movies in Sweden and with limitedly spoken Swedish language, Bergman affected the whole world. His worldwide well known legacy includes many movies, books and plays. Bergman is 100 years old.”

The new Ankara ambassador of Sweden Annika Molin Hellgren has described Bergman with these words in the opening of the Ingmar Bergman Exhibition prepared by the collaboration of the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Embassy and Çankaya Municipality.

There is so much to tell about Bergman. Apart from the innumerous works left from him, his most important peculiarity is being an exact source of inspiration for fashion, dance, design and cinema.

1918 born Swedish director was nominated to Oscar 9 times and won Oscar 3 times for The Best Foreign Language Movie. His career spanned to 60 years and he did not just affect the directors like Claire Denis, Martin Scorsese, and Takashi Kitano from all over the world, but also inspired people who engaged in all branches of art, from modern dance to fashion. The 100th birth anniversary of Bergman is being celebrated in the whole world.

The Bergman Exhibition taking place in Çankaya Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center has a special meaning both for Turkey and Sweden. The Ambassador Hellgren, recalling the fact that Turkish art figure Zülfü Livaneli had lived in Sweden for long years and also become a Sweden citizen, said that the Bergman Exhibition was a new indicator of the close friendship between Turkey and Sweden.

Celebrating Bergman’s birth anniversary, the Swedish Institute presents Bergman’s effects on the fashion and art world in this exhibition. Performed in 60 countries, the exhibition mirrors deeply the front and behind scene images from Bergman movies. The exhibition is full of mysterious clues about how the director affected the big fashion houses such as Marimekko, Whyred, Indigofera and the creators from all branches of art.

Stating that several documentaries were shot on Bergman, the Swedish Ambassador Hellgren conveyed interesting notes about Bergman’s peculiarities to the crowded group of art-lovers who attended the exhibition opening. That is to say, because Bergman was impatience, had great expectations and always pursued the perfect, he was known all over the world. Such a personality contributed to himself and the people around him in producing, creating and fictionalizing in a great degree.

The Bergman Exhibition at the Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center displays also the interactions between the cinema and fashion industry. You will have meaningful smiles at your faces, when in the exhibition you see the trends in Sweden fashion created by the Bergman’s iconic style. The Bergman Exhibition will be open until November 17, 2018.


Bergman is the person who stated: “Getting old is like climbing a mountain. As you climb, you become tired, and breathless, but your standpoint becomes wider.” It is said that people who watch his movies reach the same pleasure of reading the Dostoyevsky novels. Bergman, with his words “I cannot imagine an art piece that does not probe the relationship between man and god,” clearly declares his connection with Dostoyevsky. He is a genius; he was seen wearing same clothes for 50 years, but those very same clothes created most spoken trends of the fashion. It is also said that he wonderfully reflects the human psychology and its ebbs and flows. Indeed there is nobody who does not know him. There would be nobody who know Bergman, but would not be affected by him. Happy birthday Ingmar Bergman.


Translation: Aydın Ördek

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