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Economic Crisis is at the Used Car Market

Although it is said “there is no economic crisis’, one of the places that is affected deeply by the crisis is the used car market. The sellers we have interviewed with in the used car market in Ovacık, Keçiören, say that “Here is the crisis”.

Altan Burgucu

People who come to the used car market of Ovacık Neighborhood of Keçiören, Ankara, are complaint of high interest rates. Citizens who rush into the car market at the very early hours of morning to sell their vehicles because of financial difficulties, state that there are so few people coming to buy vehicles and so many trials to cut prices during bargains. Car owners say that they have to pay 25 liras to enter the market place for used cars where both top model cars and 1990s models wait for buyers, and they consume a full tank of gasoline, yet their vehicles remain unsold. The common idea of the used car sellers is that the only winner of the Ovacık Car Market is landowners who receive 25 liras per vehicle.


As Halagazeteciyiz.net, we have interviewed with the people who are broke and try to sell their cars in Ovacık Car Market to pay their debts.

Oğuz Güzelyaz

Oğuz Güzelyaz, who has tried to sell his 2012 model car because of his debts, has been complaint of lack of buyers. Complaining about the people who have tried to buy his car with 5000 lira discount, Güzelyaz stated that “Since nobody has money, they embark bargains. Everybody is sufferer here. After all there is economic crisis. The markets do not function well. They say there is no crisis but here is the crisis. Nobody can sell her/his car. We cannot sell our car, but could not also see a sold car. The entrance fee is 25 liras. The only winner is the landowner. The state must make a regulation.”


Mustafa İkiz

Mustafa İkiz, who told that for weeks he had tried to sell his car for 12000 liras, but had not been able to sell, and had decreased the price to 10500 liras, has remarked that the price reduction was useless. İkiz has spoken as follows: “They offer 10000 liras, but they cannot pay an extra 250 liras to buy the car. Taxes are increasing. The citizens do not use bank credits. When you do not use credit, there would be no business in the market. People who are coming here generally have credit debt. We are also selling the car because of debt. It is three weeks from now and I have not been able to sell a vehicle.” He added that he felt the crisis everywhere. İkiz stated that “In market, you go into a shop and go out without buying anything, but you have already expended 100 liras. I could not see any falling prices. Prices are going up incessantly. The government should do something, I do not know, it can enforce the traders, or it, itself, can sell, but it should do something.” Satılmış Özgün, who has come to the market to sell his recently-bought commercial vehicle because of his debts, but could not find any buyers who “even open his car’s door to look”, says that “We can sell only our properties, but we cannot sell them.”

Translation: Aydın Ördek

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