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Academicians Dismissed by the State of Emergency Decrees Demanded Their Passports

The academicians who were dismissed by the state of emergency decrees and whose passports were restricted have applied to the Civil Registry of Ankara to demand their passports. The deputies have supported to the academicians who apply for removal of restrictions on their passports.

Hala Gazeteciyiz

The academicians who were banned from leaving Turkey have taken action for their passports. The academicians who have applied the Civil Registry of Ankara for removal of the restrictions on their passports have been supported by the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s (PDP) Deputy Ömer Faruk Gegerlioğlu and the Republican People’s Party’s (RPP) deputy İbrahim Kaboğlu, both of who were too dismissed by the state of emergency decrees. Apart from them the RPP’s deputies Gamze Taşçıer, Süleyman Bülbül, Ali Şeker and the PDP’s deputies Saliha Aydeniz and Gülüstan Koçyiğit supported the academicians.


Academicians who first gave their petitions demanding their passports to the civil registry, then made a declaration entitled “We Want Back Our Passports”. The declaration was uttered by the Chair of Mulkiyeliler Association, Dinçer Demirkent, on behalf of the academicians. Demirkent asked for “removal of the ongoing restrictions on the passports despite the ended state of emergency”.

Demirkent spoke as follows: We, as the academicians dismissed by the state of emergency decrees, ask for immediate removal of the ongoing restrictions on the passport despite the ended state of emergency. The restrictions on the passports that are based on no court decision are causing unrecoverable sufferings not just for us, but also for various professions such as teachers, engineers, physicians, who were dismissed from public services. With these restrictions our freedoms and rights of education, work and travel are restrained.


Demirkent emphasized that they cannot attend any scientific activities abroad, that the ones who have not finished their postgraduate educations yet are being deprived of the education opportunities abroad, and that the ones who have been granted scholarships or offered positions from the universities abroad are being deprived of continuing their careers in universities.


Stating that “we want to emphasize that there is no court decision banning us from leaving abroad. The ongoing restrictions of the passports are based on an administrative decision of the Ministry of the Interior. This decision does not have any legitimate and right reason.”, Demirkent recalled the Minister of the Interior, Süleyman Soylu’s respond to a question about the restrictions on the passports the meeting on November 15, 2018 meeting of the Grand Assembly’s Commission of Planning and Budget, that is, “We are trying to do all we can do, especially for the restrictions on the passports, the other side is an issue of jurisprudence. That is to say, a decision court has to be corrected by the courts…”.

Pointing out Soylu’s respond to another question, namely, many problems about this issue have been settled down both informatively and legally, I want to say that we, for a long time, have adopted a manner and taken actions to remove the restrictions on the passports, and our many friend too have had to fall into those cases, Demirkent told that despite all these statements the restriction on the passports have been being continued.


Stating that they are facing a severe unlawfulness, Demirkent said that It is obvious that a great number of academicians who have opposed the government and its policies from a critical perspective, and continue their studies for benefit of mankind, society and nature, including us -the petitioners of the declaration of peace-, are facing a severe unlawfulness and injustice.

28 months passed from September 1, 2018 when did begin the dismissal of the academicians. While there has been no court decision that bans leaving abroad during this long time, what would be the reasons for the restrictions on our passports and refusals of our applications to have new passport without any reason? For what reasons, are restrictions on passports are being continued? Demirkent finalized his speech with the following demands: These unlawfulness and illegitimate restrictions have to be removed, our passports have to be given back, and the necessary steps for our applications to get new passports have to be taken.


The RPPs Deputy İbrahim Kaboğlu, who was also dismissed from university by a state of emergency decree, spoke as follows: The problem here is whether our country will be a constitutional state or not. According to the Article 23rd of the Constitution, everybody has the freedom of travel; it can only be limited by court decisions. The removal of these restrictions based on no court decision will be a step taken towards confirming Turkey’s being a constitutional state.”

The PDPs deputy Gergerlioğlu who was, too, dismissed by a state of emergency decree, asked for ending immediately this injustice that has lasted for two and a half year. Underlining that this demand is the common demand of all dismissed persons, Gergerlioğlu said that we, as all sensitive people, are asking for removal of this ban as soon as possible.

Translation: Aydın Ördek

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