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Turkey in a Week, February 25th, 2019

The landslip at the Milas mine caused three workers to die. The landslip caused a huge rock fall over the earth mover claiming three lives.

After the broadcast of a news footage showing a policeman sexually harassing a young protester woman while forcing her into the custody car. The protest had been organized by TAYAD (Society for Solidarity with the Families of Arrestees and Prisoners) and took place in Ankara. After the footage was released, while the opposition and various NGOs were furious the İnterior Minister Süleyman Soylu defended the police organization and told the press that the father of the woman has been discharged for being a member of FETO terror organization and also her brother was a member of extreme left wing terrorist organization, DHKP-C. The further anger was summarized by RPP MP, Mehmet Bekaroğlu’s cursing. Ankara Chief Public Presecutor’s Office prepared a summary for proceedings against Bekaroğlu for defamation.

The court has announced the detailed ruling for the Ankara Train Station Massacre case. The ruling informs that the actual target of the attack was the general headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party. The ruling also reveals that the organization had recruited members from Islamic associations in Turkey. The court had ruled for life sentence aggravated 101 times for the nine suspects.

The vice president of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) which has been embracing resentful candidates of the RPP due to its alliance with the center right Good Party, told to the press that the pro-government media started to like their party believed to split the opposition votes.

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