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Turkey in a Week, March 4th, 2019

The anti-terror police raided İdil Culture Center in İstanbul. The police founded the center to be heavily fortified with steel doors. Fire authority was also recruited for force open the doors and passageways. Later on, the interior minister Süleyman Soylu announced that seven wanted terrorists including Revolutionary Peoples’ Communist Party-Front’s (DHKP-C) Turkey leader. Among arrested were also two who were included in the gray list for terrorist activities.

The regulated points of sale for providing relief due to roaring food prices added another tier of two kilogram limited food products including chickpeas, lentils and rice. The first tier of commodities offered in the regulated points of sale included tomato, potato, onions and eggplants. Government’s move had been triggered by continually rising food prices in the midst of the economic turmoil, in spite of the shrinking demand, together with the increasing rate of unemployment, culminating into a period of stagflation.

Another writer and scholar was added to the list of prosecuted for terrorist propaganda. A case was opened against the president of the Foundation of the Forum for Turkey and Middle East, Fikret Başkaya for instigating terrorism. The reason for the charge is reported to be an article, Başkaya published at the Foundation’s web site, entitled “The Actual Terror is the State Terror.” The first hearing will take place on 21st of March, Thursday at 9:30 am at the Ankara 21st Heavy Penal Court.

Another hearing news came again from Ankara. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Kaboğlu had been elected MP while he was prosecuted for instigating terrorism for signing a peace petition. Kaboğlu had also been expelled from his post at the Marmara University by a decree-law issued during the state of emergency following the attempted coup. According to the law a member of parliament cannot be prosecuted without parliamentary approval. The İstanbul 36. Heavy Penal Court had decided for the rejection of venue after Kaboğlu was elected MP. However, Ankara Heavy Penal Court had not abolish the case and continued proceedings. Kaboğlu attended the first hearing and argued that the proceeding is unconstitutional. The court rejected the claim.

A curious event took place in Diyarbakır. A public prosecutor had 14 teachers arrested after the two groups argued for the timing of a sporting facility renting. The teachers’ union as well as the ministry of education was furious. Council of Judges and Prosecutors started an investigation regarding the incident and the Justice Minister Abdilhamit Gül promised to closely monitor the case.

The head of the National Intelligence Organization, Hakan Fidan gave a lecture at the High Education Board (YÖK). Fidan talked about world political affairs, interaction between several crisis, domestic and foreign threats, perception operations and cyber attacks. This is the first time in Republic’s history a intelligence chief giving a lecture at the board which structures and administers the higher education. The audience included the president of the board, board members, Ankara Mayor, president of the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) as well as all the presidents of universities.

A bus carrying the fans of a football club, Ankaragücü tumbled down claiming the lives of two very young football fans and injuring many others.

The mayor of İstanbul, Büyükçekmece municipality Hasan Akgün from RPP claimed that it is intended to influence the votes with the help of 5 thousand policemen in the Büyükçekmece district.

The former İstanbul MP of the RPP and member of party assembly Eren Erdem received a sentence of 4 years 2 months imprisonment. The sentence was given to the crime of helping a terror organization without being a member.

It is claimed that the Ankara government rejected the final offer from the USA regarding Patriot missile defense system. Such offers are know to incluPde restrictive clauses which prohibits the country to purchase or own non-NATO defense systems, specifically the Russian made S-400 systems.

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