Perşembe, Kasım 26, 2020


Republican People's Party (CHP) Vice Chair Aykut Erdoğdu warns the economic crisis will continue to deepen accompanied by the growth rate of 2.6% and the shrinkage in production. Asserting that the conflict in the foreign policy contributes to the impoverishment...
In 16th March of 1988, in the chemical weapon attacks by the warplanes and helicopters of Iraq’s Baas Regime that were lead by Saddam Hussein five thousand Kurds, mostly children, women and old people, were killed and from 7...
The decisions RTÜK has taken the last eight years have showed the heavy fines imposed upon media providers. The media were fined in eight years 16.043 times for a total of 241 million Turkish Liras. İsmet Demirdöğen, member of...
As well as her strong and unique voice technique of four octaves, also known with her a capella performance, the world-renowned Jazz Artist Yıldız İbrahimova will sing for the women, who are subjected to violence, on 8th of March....
Berdan Dere is a father, who spends all his energy for the victims of earthmoving trucks, concrete mixers, after his daughter has been removed from life with an earthmoving truck belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. After death of his...
Basin mining is abandoned and the mining act leads up to the small scale licensed mines. With the new act, government is no longer responsible. The opposition party believes that this new act will put occupational health into the...
Bilkent City Hospital, which has been introduced by the Ministry of Health as “the biggest hospital on the world that have been built at one time” has been opened. After Atatürk Training and Research Hospital has moved in the...
There are 25 millions of weapons in Turkey and 85 per cent of these are unregistered. Every day an average of 6 people are killed by these individual weapons or stabbed to death. One can access weapons through a...
1806 applications were made to the Human Rights Investigation Commission of the Grand Assembly in the last eight months. Most of the applications came from the prisons that remain on agenda because of human rights violations. In this period,...

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