Çarşamba, Aralık 19, 2018


Akşener handshaked with Democrat Party Leader Uysal

While İyi (Good) Party Leader Meral Akşener handshakes with Democrat Party Leader Gültekin Uysal, Saadet Party turns its direction for election alliance to CHP. HALA...

President Erdoğan prepares for the post-election period: Removing the state bureaucracy

With the new executive presidency system, the state bureaucracy will also change in the new period. The duties and power of authorities such as...

June 24: Erdoğan and his rivals

There are only 24 days until the June 24 elections. Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held together. A motley crew of colorful figures...

A novel by İdris Baluken from Prison; ‘Three Broken Branches’

İdris Baluken, the former Group Deputy Chair of HDP, who is still under arrest in Sincan Prison, has recently written a novel called "Three...

What Does the Presidential Government System Bring About? All Power Belongs...

The Presidential Government System brings a cabinet with 16 ministers; 4 offices alongside with 9 councils directly answering to the president that will work...

Scenarios for the Elections (1): What if President Erdoğan wins but...

A few days to the June 24 Elections, Ankara lobbies opt for the scenario that even though Erdoğan wins the presidential race the Justice...

Austrian challenge on the way to EU

Austria has held the term presidency of the EU and its rigid attitute towards Turkey poses a challange to Ankara's aims for EU membership....

16 Year Adventure of the Exchange Rate!

Either in ‘apprenticeship’ or in ‘mastership’, in which period has the exchange rate gone up?

The Gloves have been taken off for the Presidential Cabinet

The Presidential Government System has been put into effect after the presidential elections of June 24. It is now being discussed about the assignments...

What’s with the Foreign Ministry?

The state organizational structure being seriously changed, the law regulating the organization of the Foreign Ministry aiming at developing 'multi-faceted, multi-directional and objective' policies...


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