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Hâlâ Gazeteciyiz-Media Report-8 (November-2018) ECONOMIC-CLASS-BASED DISCRIMINATION IN THE MEDIA: AN ASSESSMENT OVER TEKEL, SOMA, AND THE THIRD AIRPORT Vahdet Mesut Ayan-A. Celil Kaya INTRODUCTION This study investigates the ways in which economic-class-based discrimination has secured itself coverage in news reports during the AKP...
Hâlâ Gazeteciyiz-Media Report-7 (October-2018) REPRESENTATION OF REFUGEES IN THE MEDIA IN THE AKP ERA Funda Cantek-Cavidan Soykan Introduction During its 17-year rule Justice and Development Party (AKP) has established its migration policy on the principle of using migrants as an item...
Hâlâ Gazeteciyiz-Media Report-6 (September-2018) PRESSURE AND PUNISHMENT IMPOSED UPON MEDIA WORKERS DURING THE AKP RULE: “THE SWORD HANGING OVER THE MEDIA” Nalan Mumcu – Selma Koçak INTRODUCTION The media is not only woven with capital and property relations but also is a...
Hâlâ Gazeteciyiz-Media Raport-5 (August-2018) DISCRIMINATION AND HATE SPEECH IN MAINSTREAM TURKISH MEDIA: QUO VADIS? Can Irmak Özinanır – Ozan Değer INTRODUCTION This report discloses the groups that hate speech targets alongside with the ways in which the repercussions of increasing authoritarianism are...
We Are Still Journalists (Hala Gazeteciyiz) presents: Labor Regime and Unionization in the Media Industry Emre Tansu Keten and U. Uraz Aydın Introduction The fundamental function of the large part of media, which is devoid of any kind of autonomy against the political...
Benan Eres ve Hakan Yüksel Introduction This report problematizing the role of the media in the formation and reproduction of reality of Turkey specifically focuses on the changes observed in the capital configuration of the media since 2002 when the...
The Historical Background of AKP’s Media A Chronicle of Neoliberal Media Architecture (1980-2002) Gülseren Adaklı and Aylin Aydoğan Novel hegemony project and the Turkish media The current status of the media in Turkey reflects an authoritarian structure that the rulers of AKP,...

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